Harrods and Harvey Nicks Anti-Fur Protests

.....every Saturday outside Harrods usually from 10am in the morning. Depending on how the day goes we move around Knightsbridge onto other shops that are also still selling real fur.

Anyone welcome.....either to 'get naked' or hand out leaflets / offer support. Flesh coloured underwear should be worn. Leaflets, flags, posters and props will be provided.

Could anyone not wanting to 'get naked' please dress head-to-toe in black clothing - out of respect for and in mourning of all the innocent animals who have died in the fur trade. 

For more details please see my Facebook page @ Heidi Mary Porter

Naked Anti-Fur Protest outside Harrods by Heidi Porter
Anti-fur protest outside Harrods by Heidi Porter
Anti Fur Cruelty - Protest by Heidi Porter